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Redesign website for SEO

Redesign website for SEO buylinkshop: mobile friendly, uptodated design and modular design website for beter seo rank is important or not

Having Mobile Friendly Website:

You've probably heard about the increase in the use of the Internet on mobile phones. In fact, today more than 60% of searches are performed on mobile phones. Make sure the buttons on your website are also easily accessible through mobile. Also, make sure wide pages are accessible on the mobile phone.
Google has a great and free tool that allows you to test your website on different devices, including smart phones and tablets. Simply log onto your website's wide page and let this tool report your web site performance on mobile devices. 
This tool shows you that how many seconds last your page's loading. It's also let you know how many percent is likely to miss your users by your site's lag. In addition, you can get a free report that is mentioned what you need to do to fix issues that affect the site's loading time on mobile.

Use of Outdated Designs: 

Have you ever bought a device (such as a computer) and then come to the conclusion that better and newer models have come to the market? This is constantly happening in the Internet world. In fact, this update is outdated just when you update your website!
Do you remember the websites of the 90s? Flashing buttons, gray and neon colors and very poor graphics! While many of these websites are still active, they are not attractive to modern users.
The first visit is very important! This issue applies to websites, in addition to human relationships. You also lose visitors by poor website design, along with credit. Think about how long your website has not been upgraded and take action.

Modular design: 

Due to the simplicity of new generation websites, modular design is becoming more and more popular every day. The basic principle that should be observed in this type of design is the use of a flexible and suitable template for different types of content, rather than using different templates for different types of content. This type of design is appropriate for the concept of intelligent content that has recently been raised in content marketing.
Although the modular design is not suitable for 100% of the time, it is often appropriate to use this design, and users can simply visit the site using it. 
Of course, modular design is not recommended on some specific projects, but this article addresses in general terms the importance of redesigning the website.
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