Introduction to SEO - Part 2

Introduction to SEO - Part 2 After defining the SEO in the previous article, we describe Bad Backlink profile, affects the quality of a link and other related topics

Bad Backlink profile: 

1. Linking the key word of the site:
For example, if the site is about SEO, it links everywhere to the word “SEO”. This link is abnormal and bad because users usually do not do this unless they have received the money.
2. Linking the site from all pages of site:
 This is also one of the things that make Backlink to bad Backlink, because the site administrator is less willing to link someone on all pages of his site unless he has received the money.
3. Linking the homepage:
 If everyone links to your homepage and does not link to your site's content, it's a matter of concern, because it also makes a link to a bad Backlink.
4. Linking your site to an unrelated category site: 
Generally, users place links on their site that are relevant to their blog topic. If your site's topic is about optimizing sites and it links to a horse store, it's natural that Backlinks are bad Backlinks.
5. Linking to sites which copy contents and have low quality: 
As the quality of their sites is not good enough, the links that are sent to your site are bad, and if those sites are spamming it even causes the site to be damaged under certain circumstances.
6. Linking the site secretly:
 Links Provide to see and use by users, but when the link is hidden and not visible, Backlink is abnormal.
What affects the quality of a link? 
Anchor text:
The text or phrase that links to another page. So, how does it affect? When it comes to the phrase associated with the page you want to link to. A signal would be sent to Google that this link is related to this page and Google can increase the rating of that word with considering other factors.
Domain Authority:
This factor was created by Moz. 
The age of the domain, the number of incoming links, the quality of links, site activity in social networks, and so on, is involved in increasing or decreasing this factor. This rating can be involved in determining the quality of the link.
Page Authority:
The page authority, such as Domain authority, is provided by Moz, which will be specified in the input links, their quality, and the overall reputation of the same page.

Receive a link from your home country:

If you have a site in Farsi, it is better to get the links you receive from sites that have the .ir domain because they increase your chances of getting a better ranking in the search results of Iran. But it may not increase your ranking in international search results.
Number of links inside the page:
Whether Google knows the outbound links from the site are normal or not is characterized by many factors. But in general, the number of outbound links from the page you are linking from should not be too high and should be kept relatively content.

 Page rank of that page:

Of course, there is no doubt that page rank is not important, but it remains a relatively confirmed signal to increase the impact of the links. Be careful that the Page rank does not directly affect your rank; it can indirectly be effective.
One of the many misconceptions is the relationship between links. Links have attributes called Rel, so we can tell search engines that get something for that page, from Link Juice and PR juice.
Now, the search engines may increase the ranking of that page by the link you gave it to;
But from your page rank, you have not got anything for that page. Normally, we do not need to mention the rel =“dofollow” link. The links themselves are Dofollow by defaults.
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