Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Back link?

    • Every links that redirect people to your website called Backlink. In fact, if we compare SEO to a chess scene, the Backlinks would be like the chess pieces and it's the reason that some experts believe that without Backlinks SEO is nothing.
  • To what period of time Backlinks should be bought?

    • Backlinks always are sold for particular period of time. For example you pay about 30$ and buy 10 Backlinks and it valid for a month and stay in 10 websites until it expire. Google to great extent disagree to Backlinks, because Backlinks are considered as manipulation in results. So if your website's Backlink would be deleted, Google will strongly suspect your website and it impose some penalty to decrease your credit as well as your rank on result, To tackle the issue we offer long-term Backlinks which valid more than 6 months or for a year which are more economical and on the other hand the possibility of Google suspecting would be decreased sharply.
  • How much time should be passed to be witness of outcome?

    • Most of the customers ask how much time should be passed to be witness of outcome after buying Backlinks? We should say there is no particular time about result because it depends on different circumstances and different results have been registered on customer's website. Mostly between one or two months customers would see the results. For this reason we recommend to use 6 months services, but there were some case that they witnessed to result only after 7 to 14 days after registration. This happened especially when they improved technical aspect of their websites such as website's map as well as relevant content and etc.

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