The impact of Advertorial on the SEO

The impact of Advertorial on the SEO BuyLinkShop: In this article, we will describe the advantages and disadvantages of advertorial for your site in the SEO. Stay with us.

Advertorial is one of the best promotional methods for branding in the Internet. Advertorial is an advertisement, a news or an article that is published for the purpose of introducing advertiser services and products. The advertiser can add a few links (Backlink) to the website in his blog post.
In Advertorial, you can put a few follow Backlinks to the link. Putting  backlinks to the advertorial not only introduce your business on the sites where the reportage is published, but also will allow search engines such as Google to assign a positive rating to the advertiser's website, Therefore, most SEO experts, recommend to business owners to advertise in advertorial shape on active websites to improve the site’s rank. Publishing advertorial on valid and active sites will make users familiar with the products and services of the advertiser, this familiarity causes branding for business among Internet users.

Advertorial ads

Publishing of advertorial is one of the methods of professional advertising in today's Internet world. In advertorial, the company can introduce itself, its services and products by introducing its business. This advertising method has been replaced by banner ads for a while. Because this method of advertising has a huge impact on users in terms of being read by users and turning viewers into customers. You can indirectly advertise your services in an advertorial. Indirect advertising will have more impact on the user. The purpose of advertorial is that your ad will be published in the form of an article or news item with a number of links and images on a valid and appropriate web site, and will remain on the site forever.
Today, the best backlink possible is advertorial, especially advertorial in news. The reason is that your website links will remain forever on the republishing sites and will never be deleted. Buying a backlink is a bad thing if you do not renew it, one day your link will be deleted from the site and if the number of this link removal is increased then it will lead to a drop in your rank in Google and other search engines, And you will be subject to a Google fine, which if you advertise an ad because you can simultaneously create multiple backlinks for yourself permanently, it will have a significant impact on the progress of your site.

What are the disadvantages of advertorial?

Now that you are familiar with the benefits of advertorial, it's wise to be honest about the disadvantages of advertorial, or better, to know cons of advertorial comparing to a normal link. On sites like, you can buy backlinks and can also purchase advertorial. Backlinks that you buy are placed on all pages of the sites you have purchased, which will usually be on the side of those sites. But the backlinks in the advertorial you submit, are only given to your site in the same article. But in general it can be said that the great benefits of advertorial including a permanent link, the introduction of services and products of your site in detail, the possibility of displaying the image, etc., this defects of advertorial would cover by them. However, if you want to spend more on improving your site, you can order an advertorial package along with a backlink package on the same sites, which will improve your site's rank quickly on Google.
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