The cause of website redesigning for SEO

The cause of website redesigning for SEO The attractive and beautiful design of the website takes time. Doing this need time as well energy and sometimes a lot of costs.

The Internet is changing as fast as other technologies. Users use different devices to view websites. You also need to keep up-to-date your website with the changes, to keep visitors on your website.
In addition, Google's algorithms are constantly changing. The applicability of your website affects its ranking. You may not realize that your site needs major changes. Perhaps only the technical modifications of the site would not work very well.
Sometimes there are indications that your site needs to change the design. In the following, we point out some signs that your site needs to be redesigned:

High Bounce Rate

Website analysis not only tells you how users navigate your website, but also it says how you should optimize your website design.
One of the most important analyzes you should pay attention to is bounce rate. The screenshot below shows where you can find your site's bounce rate information in Google Analytics. Bounce Rate is one of the options in the Traffic section of the Acquisition section.
Bounce rate represents the number of users who leave your site without doing any particular work. What factors can cause website users to quit? Here are some important things to keep in mind:

Slow page loading 

Google tends to display content and high quality pages for its users. Google's algorithms give a higher rating to pages loaded faster than the pages loaded slowly. The loading speed of the pages affects not only SEO, but also user visits from your site. For the second time, users do not go to websites that are loaded late.
You can check the speed of your website using the Page Speed Insight tool shown below. Of course, this factor does not necessarily mean that your website needs to be redesigned, but it is a very important factor that, by adhering to SEO and other things, you can improve it and fix the problems of your site

Technical issues on the site 

Have you ever noticed that your Bounce Rate has risen? Check how long users are on your page. If you visit only a few seconds from your website, your pages may have 404 error.
Try to look at your website from the perspective of visitors (use different browsers, browsers are sometimes problematic). You can also use the Google Search Console to check for crawl errors.

weak  UX

Have you ever been on a website that has used a lot of popup windows and could not find the content you are looking for?
Google penalizes these sites heavily. Because users can not access their content by visiting these sites and quit them from the site quickly. Doing this will make it harder for users to browse website. This affects user experience or UX. Make sure your website map is suitable for users.
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