The impact of backlink on site optimization

The impact of backlink on site optimization In this article, we are going to introduce backlink and explain it؛s role in optimizing the site.

In the design of today's web site, the discussion of the backlink to the SEO is one of the most important concerns in the Internet world. It is also a good way to internet marketing of your e-commerce business.
First, we define the backlink. backlink are links that referred from other sites to your site, when you link from your site to another site, the site has received a backlink from your site.
Google consider backlinks to sites based on their popularity and number of them. Any links to your pages on sites and other pages that are found by search engines are backlinks. Sites that have a lot of natural links, as well as new and regular content, rank well.
Note that the backlinks can not be bought from sites with high page rank, because Google and other powerful search engines easily identify sites that bought backlink to get better rank in search. Of course, if you want to have text advertise on a site, with nofollowing tag, you can no longer worry about creating a problem for your site.
In the design of the site, creating new and useful content will motivate users to put your links on their blogs and websites. In this way, you can use social networking links for a good link building. The bad link features include:
Linking to the key word of the site: For example, if the site is about SEO, everywhere links to the word of SEO, this is a unnormal and bad link, because users usually do not do this, unless they have received money.
Linking the site from all pages of site: This is also one of the things that makes backlink to bad badlinks, because the site administrator is less willing to link someone on all pages of his site unless he has received the money.
Linking the homepage: If everyone links to your homepage and does not link to your site's content, it's a matter of concern, because it also makes a link to a bad backlink.
Linking your site to a unrelated category site: Generally, users place links on their site that are relevant to their blog topic. If your site's topic is about optimizing sites and it links to a horse store, it's natural that backlinks are bad backlinks.
Linking to sites which copy contents and have low quality: As the quality of their sites is not good enough, the links that are sent to your site are bad, and if those sites are spam it even causes the site to be damaged under certain circumstances.
Linking the site secretly: links Provide to see and use by users, but when the link is hidden and not visible,backlink is unnormal.
In the design of site, if your link to others is Nofollow, no threat will be seen on your site's ranking. Note that the search engines are well aware of the link between your website and keywords and also keywords you chose, so your site will be supported by valuable and relevant links which link you from high ranked page.
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