Important factors in website design

Important factors in website design To improve Internet based business, the first step is designing a site, which it is very important and effective in SEO and Google advertising.

In the first step to enter the virtual world, you need to design your own website to create a marketing campaign, so the first step is designing the site.
Web design should be done correctly, in other words, if the website is not properly designed, the next steps, the site's SEO and Google ads, will not be done correctly.
For example, which factors are important in building a website?
  • A website should be reactive or so-called responsive
  • Has Suitable speed
  • Has a proper structure
  • The service is properly defined
  • , …
In the next step, you can use SEO or Google ads to increase the number of visitors that can lead to increased sales. For this purpose, you will learn more about these two methods:
Google Advertising is a Google Advertising System that is cost per click for you, but SEO requires time. If you want to achieve superior results with SEO, you need to spend some time for optimizing your site. The time is at least six months. Of course, the time depends on the difficulty of the key word.
The cost you pay for Google ads is much more than SEO. So you can say SEO can help you reduce costs, but it takes more time. Your ads on Google will remain until your campaign is charged. If the charge is finished, it will automatically be removed from, but SEO, if done correctly, will be superior to the site in the long run and take longer to reach the top results.
The SEO requires activity on the website designed that means; you need to work on content, updating the site, making internal and external links, and … to get the results. Google does not advertise in this way; you will immediately find your site on first page of Google after paying for your campaign and activating ads.
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