The Importance of SEO

The Importance of SEO BuyLinkShop: The importance of getting Backlinks in website SEO

The important thing here is:
No site will give you backlinks! Unless you have an article or interesting content on your website.
If you can post new, attractive and different content on your site, be sure that others will give you link after a while.
So  what is the importance of a backlink in SEO?
Backlinks not only raises your rank on SERP (or search engine result page) such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, it also raises your rank on sites like Baidu, Yandex, and Alexa, which accredit your sites.
These search engines will crawl on all the sites periodically, and through this way they will recognise the site that links to each site, and they will find the number of backlinks given to each site.
As we explained earlier, generally speaking , because links are given to the destination with attractive content, search engines cite the number of links given to each site.
So the more number of backlink links  = the  higher credibility in search engines
Now a question arises:
Question: What role do the other SEO principles play among them?
Other SEO principles include appropriate content, proper technical quality of the site, and more.
To answer this question we should say, you have to go through the SEO in parallel, and do not overlook the impact of proper content as well as improving the quality of your site.
However, the role of other SEO principles is less than the backlink.
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