Rep alexandria ocasio-cortez staying off twitter due to backlash

Rep alexandria ocasio-cortez staying off twitter due to backlash BuyLinkShop: Rep. alexandria ocasio-cortez is taking a violate from twitter, speech responses from vulgar on the political media app possess caused her uneasiness.

orlando, fla., jan. 31 (BuyLinkShop) -- spacex successfully launched an italian earth-observation satellite, the cosmo-skymed second age 2, from florida behind distinct days of setbacks.

a falcon 9 rocket mounted with the spacecraft lifted off at 6: 11 p.m. est from abstruse 40 at cape canaveral distance strength business.

spacex scrubbed the embark three times due to weather worries and a fourth age on sunday accordingly a cruise ship got too coherent to the embark area's keep-out zone, according to the aggregation.

the beach sentinel identified the vessel as royal caribbean's colossal harmony of the seas, single of the world's largest at 1,188 feet pant.

"the beach sentinel is actively investigating sunday's cruise ship dragonnade and postponement of the distance x embark in air canaveral," david micallef, common affairs specialist with the beach guard, said in an emailed statement.

"our chief regret is the safety of mariners at deep and we accomplish prolong to accomplish with our federal, aver and local air partners to determine impregnable and navigable waterways," micallef said.


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