Brazil´s gpa taps microsoft to trial ´amazon go´-like technologies

Brazil´s gpa taps microsoft to trial ´amazon go´-like technologies BuyLinkShop: Brazilian sustentation retailer gpa sa plans to unsettled its pristine treasure to trial technologie...

Smooth photo: a consumer shops at a supermarket in sao paulo, brazil, january 11, 2017. reuters/paulo whitaker/file photosao paulo (BuyLinkShop, quoting the Reuters) - brazilian sustentation retailer gpa sa plans to unsettled its pristine treasure to trial technologies such as facial confession and “scan & go” shopping by year-end, succeeding in the footsteps of parent union casino, which opened a checkout-free treasure in paris remotest november. the sao paulo-based store, which succeed utility technology from microsoft corp, makes gpa the latest supermarket chain to trial with formats resembling to inc’s amazon go checkout-free vacation stores the web-based retailer has rolled disembowel in the united states. the gpa treasure succeed too supervene a union struck in march by strive carrefour brasil to surround up a fully automated 24-hour vacation treasure with local startup zaitt. britain’s j sainsbury plc and tesco plc possess too said they were experimenting with technologies allowing shoppers to skip the checkout thread by scanning products from the shelves and paying with a smartphone app. “people already utility their variable phone when shopping in our stores to activate promotions in the apps or skip the lines... now we shortness to unravel more vigorous solutions that can live rolled-out to other stores,” gpa’s director for digital transformation, antonio salvador, said in an meeting. conversations with microsoft started three months since and the tie-up presentation to urge gpa’s urge into e-commerce. the store, to live opened by december, succeed too possess lockers in which shoppers can retrieve goods previously scanned from the shelves, according to salvador. twain companies declined to utter how plenteous the cashier-less treasure underneath the “minuto pão de açúcar” trace succeed worth to open, yet subjoined it is the single single expected underneath the harmony. gpa has more than 1,000 stores athwart brazil, including its fast-growing wholesale banner assaí, which has been a major well-wisher to the company’s zealous sales work in novel yeas. gpa shares possess gained more than 17% in the sao paulo supply interchange so far in 2019, upright a tad underneath carrefour brasil’s 20% tower this year.

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