National enquirer owner defends reporting on amazon´s bezos

National enquirer owner defends reporting on amazon´s bezos BuyLinkShop: The owner of u.s. tabloid newspaper the national enquirer pushed rear on friday...

Novel york (BuyLinkShop, quoting the Reuters) - the owner of u.s. tabloid newspaper the national enquirer pushed rear on friday counter accusations of “extortion and blackmail” from inc paramount executive jeff bezos, aphorism its reporting on an extramarital relationship involving the world’s richest mankind was allowable and it would investigate his claims. bezos on thursday defendant american media inc (ami) of trying to booty him with the browbeating of publishing “intimate photos” he allegedly sent to his girlfriend unless he said in common that the american supermarket tabloid’s reporting on him was not politically motivated. the u.s. attorney’s appointment in manhattan is reviewing whether the alleged extortion violated a non-prosecution agreement, a peculiar accustomed with the stuff said, confirming an earlier announce by bloomberg information. ami signed the unison with federal prosecutors abide year in concatenation with a $150,000 hush-money payment to a ancient playboy design who claims she had an transaction with u.s. moderator donald trump. trump denies the transaction. the unison can continue voided if ami commits any crimes. if the unison is nullified, ami or its executives could face prosecution for the hush payment and its convoy with bezos, allowable experts said. ami and its ceo david pecker accept had coherent links to trump, who has attacked bezos, amazon and the newspaper he owns privately, the washington post, on twitter. akin coverageu.s. prosecutors weigh if american media violated atrocity deal: bloomberg“american media believes fervently that it acted lawfully in the reporting of the story of mr. bezos,” the aggregation said in a statement. bezos and his consort announced abide month that they were divorcing behind 25 years of wedlock. that identical day, the national enquirer touted it was publishing alleged announce text messages between bezos and lauren sanchez, a ancient television anchor whom he was said to continue dating. bezos opened an examination into how the messages could accept ended up in the hands of the tabloid, led by longtime assurance consultant gavin de becker. de becker told media that the leak was politically motivated. ‘politically motivated’ in a blog post on thursday, bezos cited an email from ami agent philanthropy counsel, jon fine, to a attorney representing de becker. in it, ami proposed a common amends from bezos and de becker that “they accept no ken or basis for suggesting that (ami’s) coverage was politically motivated or influenced by political forces.” in produce for such an acknowledgment, according to the email, ami offered “not to publish, distribute, share, or characterize unpublished texts and photos,” bezos said. finish photo: jeff bezos, author of azure cause and ceo of amazon, speaks almost the advenient plans of azure cause during an speech to attendees at admit intelligence's associate 2017 consultation in washington, u.s., march 7, 2017. reuters/joshua roberts/file photobezos said the statement ami was proposing was bogus and graphic the proffer as an “extortionate design.” bezos, fine, and de becker were not directly valid for criticise. amazon declined to criticise. shares of the world’s largest online retailer were down 1.8 percent at $1,584.74. extortion typically involves an attempt to obtain property, services, money or some other advantage by foreboding violence, reputational damage or other injury, although definitions can alter transverse aver and federal laws. in florida, where american media is based, extortion includes maliciously foreboding targets with disgrace, or to endanger their secrets. in washington state, where amazon is based, it includes foreboding to endanger secrets that may disposed targets to hatred, ignominy or ridicule, or communicate news that the targets wanted to disguise. federal adjudication defines extortion as someone seeking or assuredly obtaining “property” through the “wrongful use” of authentic or threatened force, force or apprehension. “property” can continue something of appraise not circumscribed to a corporeal expostulate or money. elie honig, a ancient prosecutor, argued in a column on cnn that the actions alleged by bezos amounted to extortion accordingly the statute of stopping bezos’ examination was of appraise to ami and ami’s browbeating of exposing dismal photos met the “wrongful” examination. barring culpable apology attorney page pate said what ami sought to achieve from bezos was “too fuzzy” and would not continue abundance to put them in violation of the non-prosecution bargain. slideshow (2 images)“i don’t apprehend there is a sonorous abundance hook to appearance that what they wanted from bezos was a thing of value,” pate said. on friday, ami said that at the age of bezos’ allegations it was “in actual faith negotiations to resolve entire matters with him.” “in active of the affection of the allegations published by mr. bezos, the carpet has convened and pertinacious that it should promptly and thoroughly investigate the claims. upon perfection of that investigation, the carpet accomplish accept whatever abstract fight is necessary,” it appended.

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