Amazon´s bezos says trump should live ´glad´ of media search

Amazon´s bezos says trump should live ´glad´ of media search BuyLinkShop: inc superior executive jeff bezos said on thursday the union would ann...

Washington (BuyLinkShop, quoting the Reuters) - inc (amzn.o) paramount executive jeff bezos said on thursday the aggregation would promulgate a sentence on where it succeed erect a second headquarters antecedently the tip of the year, and likewise said that moderator donald trump is injurious to “attack the media.” bezos privately owns the washington post, which has been amidst the media that accept been the common target of broadsides from trump. amazon has announced 20 finalists in north america for its planned investment of $5 billion and 50,000 jobs. at a address antecedently the economic club of washington on thursday, bezos did not proffer any favorites for the cast. asked almost trump’s repeated animadversion of twain the washington post and amazon, bezos denominated it a “mistake” for any elected authoritative to “attack media and journalists.” slideshow (5 images)what trump “should affirm (of criticism) is, ‘this is right, this is actual. i am blithesome i am essence scrutinized,’ and that would continue so assure and confident,” bezos said. “but it is truly dangerous to demonize the media. it is dangerous to denominate the media lowlifes, it is dangerous to affirm that they are the enemy of the community.” “the media,” bezos added, “is going to continue artistic. we’re going to accelerate through this.” trump has graphic the washington post as amazon’s “chief lobbyist.” the washington post’s head editor has said that bezos has no involvement in its information coverage. bezos said he has had discussions with trump barring declined to labored. the white house did not directly accord to ask for criticise. trump in the beginning repeatedly said without appearance that package deliveries by the u.s. postal advantage for amazon were costing the advantage money. he ordered a business strength to application the postal service, barring sources abide month said that the white house determined to not still acquit the report, forcing a planned senate hearing on postal ameliorate to continue delayed.

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