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Date of last modification: April 23, 2018


Please read the terms and conditions of use (site rules) carefully. You must be eighteen (18) years of old or more to use this site and its services. This service is provided by the "BuyLinkShop.com" site (site administrator: Hassan Goodarzi pour). The site's rules should control the relationship between the site owner and customers(hereinafter referred to as "you"). By accessing or using our services or this website, you agree to the terms described herein and accept all terms, policies, guidelines incorporated by the competent international authorities. If you do not accept all of these terms, you may not use this site or its services. Site administrators have the right to change the site rules or any policies and guidelines of these services at any time at its sole discretion, or to suspend, modify or discontinue (prevent your exploitation) of the Services or any part of It is reserved for itself. Any modification of the Services will affect the amendment of these terms. Continued use of this service after its change means accepting changes from your side. Therefore, you must review these terms and conditions of the site and the applicable policies therein and understand that these Terms and Conditions apply to your use of the Service. If you do not accept the modified terms, you must stop using the site service. You can send questions and comments about the site services or the contents of this document to info [at] BuyLinkShop.com.

Main rules:

1- Package Backscreen Purchased as soon as online payment confirmation; Bought online and instantly on Package Sites. These daily backlinks are controlled and, if there are any possible problems, will be resolved by your co-ordination.

2. Due to the negative impact on the SEO, it is not possible to change the title of the link or its address during the purchased package period.

3- The BuyLinkShop site is required to maintain the package throughout the entire duration of the package; keep the link back in the purchased package sites.

4- BuyLinkShop is obliged to constantly update the purchased package sites.

5. All sites are located on robust, fast and reliable servers in the world.

6. If the link is entered with immoral titles, contrary to international rules or websites that are restricted, the BuyLinkShop site is free to remove or modify the backlink without the consent of the client, and the cost incurred in case of passage of time is less than Three days from the order date, the customer will be returned to the customer's account. In case of more than three days of order, depending on the number of days of the link display on the sites, up to a maximum of 50% of the amount received from the customer would be returned.

7. On request, you can extend any of the packages at any time requested.

Information Conservation Policy

Please refer to our Privacy Policy for information on how to collect, use and disclose personal information of site members by the site's sponsor.

Privacy Policy

Site Sponsors, in their sole discretion (including the request of the judicial authorities and the State Supervisory Authority), do not in any way distribute your information.

Satisfaction to receive email

By using this service, you are happy to receive emails from site sponsors, which are related to the site service. Please note that as long as you have an account at this site, you may receive emails about the services or related to your account from site sponsors.

Satisfaction to receive SMS

by this service, you are pleased to receive SMS from the site's sponsor, related to the site service, including the text messages provided with the change of your settings and notification of the new services related to your purchases. Please note that as long as you have an account at this site, you may receive SMS messages about the service or your account associated with the site sponsors.